Acronym List


Acronym Full name Comments
D Scale Convective Scale 1 to 10 km
D/A digital-to-analogue conversion
D/L downlink
D/RADEX Digital Radar Experiment NWS
DA drift angle
da deka Metric prefix meaning 10'
DAB Defense Acquisition Board
DAC Douglas Aircraft Corporation
DAC Director's Advisory Committee
DAC Disaster Assistant Center
DADS Data Archive and Distribution System
DAESRA Denver Area Employees Service and Recreation Association
DAF Data Acquisition Facility
DAF Device Assembly Facility
DAI Data Assimilation Initiative
DAIRS Differential Absorption Infrared Sensor NCAR, ATD
DAM Data Access Management object-oriented software
DAMUS Data Management and User Services
DAR data acquisition request
DARE Denver AWIPS Risk Reduction and Requirements Evaluation preferred form of DARRRE
DARE-1 a weather service work station at PROFS
DARE-2 a weather service work station at PROFS
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency U.S. Departmentof Defense
DARRRE DAR3E Denver AWIPS-90 Risk Reduction Requirements Evaluation
DART Data Assimilation Research Testbed
DARTS DOE Audit Reporting & Tracking System
DAS Data-Acquisition System
DASA Defense Atomic Support Agency
DASC Division of Advanced Scientific Computing NSF
DASC Defense Logistics Agency Administrative Support Center
DASD Direct Access Storage Device
DASM design and analysis support model
DASMA Deputy Assistant Secretary for Military Application
DAT Data Acquisition Test
DAT Digital audio tape
data feed   In the context of the Unidata LDM, a sequence of data products, all of the same feed type, injected into the IDD from a single data source
data product   In the context of the Unidata LDM, a unit of data with an associated feed type, product ID, injection time, and origin, and sequence number
data relay   In the context of the Unidata LDM, a network node that relays data products from one or more upstream source nodes to one or more downstream sink nodes. A relay node may provide data fan-out by receiving data products from a single upstream source that it then transmits to multiple downstream sinks
data sink   In the context of the Unidata LDM, a remote consumer of data products that must be transmitted as they arrive
data source   In the context of the Unidata LDM, a remote provider of data products
data stream   In the context of the Unidata LDM, a sequence of bulletins all of the same feed type broadcast from a single data source. Once the bulletins are converted into data products, the result is called a data feed
DAWG Data Assimilation Working Group
DB Direct Broadcast
DB Division Burden
D-B Davis-Bacon Act
DBA data base administrator
DBER Division of Biomedical and Environmental Research ERDA
DBMS Data Base Management System
DBSS Directed Balloon Sounding System
DBX debugger for UNIX
DBZ Decibles
Dc direct current
DC Dublin Core--metadata (http://purl.org/DC)
DCA Washington National Airport
DCA data collection assignment
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCAR data collection analysis request
DCC Direct Connect Service
DCE Distributed Computing Environment An architecture of programming interfaces, conventions, and server functionalities (eg. naming, distributed file system, remote procedure call) for distributing applications transparently across networks of heterogeneous computers promoted and controlled by the Open Software Foundation (OSF)
DCF Data Capture Facility
DCG Derived Air Concentration Guide for Uncontrolled Areas DOE
DCLS Data Collection Location System Satellite borne system to receive relayed data from platforms
DCM Deep Convection Model three- dimensional, time-varying deep convection model
DCO delayed compliance order CAA
DCP Data Collection Platform
DCR data collection request
DCS Direct Connect Service
DCSL distributed CSL
DCTN Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network
DCVZ Denver Convergence Vorticity Zone
DCX Delta Clipper experimental rocket
dd dated, delivered
DD Demonstration Division NOAA, FSL
DDB delayed direct broadcast
DDC Defense Documentation Center Formerly ASTIA
DD+ Domestic Data Plus A data stream provided by Alden comprising the NWS Domestic Data and Public Product services
DDD Wind direction Computer usage-transmission line (like WATS)
DDE Dynamic (or Direct) Data Exchange
DDE Distributed data environment the SSEC term for the client/server format for McIDAS
DDESB Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board
DDF digital data formatter
DDHS Digital Data Handling System
DDN Data Defense Network
DDR Deutsche Demokratische Republik
DDS Domestic Data Service A data feed that is part of the NWS Family of Services
DDS Data Delivery Services
DDS doctor of dental science, doctor of dental surgery
DE Dynamics Explorer
DEA Drug Enforcement Administration
DEAR Department of Energy acquisition regulation
DEBITS Deposition of Biogeochemical Important Trace Species
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation A well-known computer manufacturer
DEC DOE environmental checklist
DECAFE dynamique Et Chimie de l'Atmosphere en Foret Equitoriale
DECDOS DEC's version of DOS
DECMAIL An electronic mail facility provided by DEC
DECnet Digital Equipment Corporation network A protocol that allows DEC computers to be linked together via an electronic network
decoder In the context of the Unidata LDM A program that converts transmitted data products into a different form more suitable for use by applications. Decoders aften combine multiple products into a single decoded file
DECU Developmental & Educational Communications Unit India
DECUS Digital Equipment Computer Users Society DEC
DED data element directory
degree-day a measure of the departure of the mean daily temperature from a given standard one degree-day for each degree (ÁC or ÁF) of departure above (or below) the standard during one day
DELNI Digital Equipment Local Network Interconnect A transceiver splitter box that taps into the Ethernet cable.Each DELNI box enables up to eight stand-alone computer workstations to be tied into the Ethernet
DEM Digitized Elevation Models
DEM digital elevation model
DemVal Demonstration and validation
DERF Dynamic Extended Range Forecasting
DES Data Encryption Standard NIST
DEST Directed Energy Science & Technology
DETEC Defense Technology Evaluation Code
device driver The software that controls a particular hardware component, typically an output device (such as a printer or terminal) or an input port
dewpoint   The temperature to which a given air parcel must be cooled at constant pressure and constant water vapor content in order for saturation to occur.
DEWPOINT Directed Energy Weapon Power Integration
DEWS Doppler Electronic Weather Sensor
DF direction finding
D&F determination and findings
DFD data flow diagram
DFDR Digital Flight Data Recorder
DFS Design and Fabrication Services NCAR, EOL
DFVLR Deutsche Forschungs-und Versuchanstalt f?r Luft-und Raumfahrt e.V. German Aerospace Research Establishment
DFW Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
DG Data General, Inc.
DG diesel generator
DGC Division of Grants and Contracts NSF
DGPS Differential Global Positioning System
DHC Data Handling Center
DHEW Department of Health, Education, and Welfare US, PHS
DH&HS Director of Health & Human Services
DHR Director of Human Resources
DHS Data Handling Services
DIA direct-interaction approximation
DIA Denver International Airport
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency
diabatic process   A thermodynamic change of state of a system in which the system exchanges energy with its surroundings by virture of a temperature difference between them.
DIAL differential absorption lidar
diamond dust   Small ice crystals falling from an apparently cloudless sky, (often, but not always, at night).
DIB directory information base
DIB Disabilities Issues Board
DIC dissolved inorganic carbon
DIC Defense Intelligence College
DICOMED Online graphics recorder used at NCAR for producing microfilm and microfiche output
DID data item description
DIF Data Interface Facility
DIF Directory Interchange Format
DIFAX Digital facsimile map A data stream of digitized maps provided by the NWS
DIG DOE Interaction Group
DIMES DIstributed MEtadata System
DIP Dual in-line package   A standard integrated circuit enclosed in a molded plastic unit. Consists of two parallel rows of pins connected to the circuit board
DIPS DMS Image Processing System   A software layer developed by the Naval Postgraduate School to organize the DMS functions into user-accessible programs
DIP switch   An on-off switch on a DIP that allows users to select options on a circuit board without altering the hardware
DIR Director's Office NCAR
DIRC DOE Internal Review Committee
DIRP DOE Internal Review Panel
Di_Sys   A vendor contracted by Unidata to develop prototype software for what became the LDM
DIS Data Information System
DIS Data Interface System
DIS Defense Intelligence Service
DISA Defense Information Systems Agency
DISN Defense Information Systems Network
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
DLD Digital Loran Dropwindsonde
DLESE Digital Library for Earth System Education UCAR Office of Programs
DLPDU data link protocol data unit
DLR Deutsche Zentrum fur Luft-und Raumfarht German Aerospace Center
DLS Dynamic Limb Sounder Oxford counterpart of HIRRLS
DLT Digital Linear Tape
DM data management
DMA Defense Mapping Agency
DMA Directory of Military Application
DMAIAGS Defense Mapping Agency Inter-American Geodetic Survey
DMDS DiMethyDiSulfide
DME distance-measuring equipment
DMI Danish Meteorological Institute
DML RF Dimensional Metrology Laboratory
DMMR Distributed-Memory Microprocessor systems
DMP Data Management Plan
DMS data management system
DMS Device Management System A collection of callable, C-language, image-processing functions developed by NASA
DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite Program U.S. Air Force program
DMSP SPO DMSP System Program Office
DNA Defense Nuclear Agency
DNFSB Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
DNO do not operate
DNP Division of Nuclear Physics
DNS direct numerical simulation of turbulence
DNS domain name service
DNS Domestic Name System A general-purpose distributed, replicated, data query service chiefly used on the Internet for translating hostnames into Internet addresses
DOA Department of Agriculture
DOAS Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy
DOC Department of Commerce U.S.
DOC dissolved organic carbon
DOD Digital Omega Dropwindsonde
DoD Department of Defense U.S.
DOD Digital Optical Disk
DODCI Department of Defense Computer Institute
DoDP Department of Defense Programs
DODS Distributed Ocean Data System remote access to scientific data-Matlab client. Uses Unidata's netCDF software
DOE Department of Energy U.S.
DOE/HQ Department of Energy Headquarters
DOE/HQ-EH DOE Headquarters, Environment & Health
DOELAP DOE Laboratory Accreditation Program
DOE/NV DOE Nevada Operations Office
DOE/RF DOE Rocky Flats Operations Office
DOE/RFO DOE Rocky Flats Office
DOE/RL DOE Richland Operations
DOE/SR DOE Savannah River
DOI Department of Interior U.S.
DOJ Department of Justice
DOL Department of Labor
DOMONIC Johnsten Island Experiment GARP
DOMSAT Domestic satellite
DOOS DICOMED Online Operating System
DOPLID Doppler Lidar
DOPLIGHT Doppler and Lightning Program NSSL
DORIS Determination d'Orbite et Radiopositionement Integre par Satellite
DORIS Doppler orbitography & radiopositioning integrated by satellite
DOS Department of State
DOS Department of Space India
DOS Disk Operating System   A computer operating system; see MSDOS and PCDOS
DOSECC Deep Observation and Sampling of the Earth's Continental Crust, Inc.
DOT Department of Transportation U.S.
DOW Defenders of Wildlife
downstream   In the context of the Unidata IDD, the direction of data flow from data sources to data sinks
downstream sink   See data sink
DP data processing
DP Defense Programs DOE
DPC DLESE Program Center
DPDC Data Processing and Distribution Center
DPFC Defense Program Field Council
DPG Dahlgren Proving Ground
DPH dew-point hygrometer
DPMB Defense Programs Management Board
DPMI DOS Protected Mode Interface memory management
DPS Data Production Services
DPSOL Du Pont Savannah River Operations Logbook
DQ Director of Quality
DQA data quality assessment
DQM data quality monitor TWERLE
D/RADEX Digital Radar Experiment NWS
DR discrepancy report
DRA Defense Research & Applications
DRAAG Design Review and Acceptance Group
DRB Design Review Board
DRE Defense Research and Engineering
DRGS Direct Read-out Ground Station
DRI Defense Research Internet
DRI Desert Research Institute University of Nevada
DRL Deliverables Requirement List
DRL data requirements list
DRM design reference mission
DRMS Data Record Management System
DROT Direct Read Out Terminal
DRP Design Review Presentation
DRPN Division de Recherche en Precision Numerique AES, Canada
DRTS Data Relay and Tracking Satellite Japan
Dry-MAP Mesoscale Alpine Project mountain waves near the Alps
DS Lightning Detection Systems
DS-1 digital signal 1
DSA directory system agent
DSAA Defense Security Assistance Agency
DSAP DOE special analysis project
DSAT Distributed System Administration Team
DSB direct soundings broadcast
DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project Part of NSF's Natinal Ocean Sediment Coring Program
DSET Desert Sunshine Exposure Testing, Inc.
DSI (+/or MOD) Ministry of Defense
DSI (+/or MOD) Defense Security Installation UK
DSIR Department of Scientific & Industrial Research UK
dsl distributed software libraries
DSM DiMethylSulfide
DSM demonstration support model
DSN Deep Space Network
DSN Defense Switched Network
DSRS Data Storage and Retrieval System
DSS Data Support Section NCAR, SCD
DSSG Defense Science Study Group
DST Data Systems Test GARP
DTC Developmental Testbed Center NCAR
DTC distance traveled count Refers to ground speed
DTC Office of Defense Trade Controls
DTF data test facility
DTF development and test facility
DTF3 Diagnostic Turbulent Flux algorithm used for diagnosing turbulence
DTF3.1 same as DTF3 except it eliminates the empirical estimates of the turbulent mixing length and avoids the use of a constant momentum mixing efficient
DTG data time group
DTIC Defense Technical Information Center
DTM digital terrain map
DTR development and test resource
DTRC David Taylor Research Center Navy
DTSA Defense Technology Security Administration
DUDFCD Denver Urban Drainage and Flood Control District
DULTI University of Denver Low Turbulence Inlet
DUOF Depleted Uranium Oxide Facility
DVM digital voltmeter
DVM Dynamic Vegetation Model
DWB Library, US Weather Bureau Washington, D.C.
DWB Developers Workbench services architecture
DWB Library, US Weather Bureau Washington, D.C.
DWS Dropwindsonde
DWTF Decontamination and Waste Treatment Facility LLNL
DXF data exchange format
DYANA Dynamics Adapted Network for the Atmosphere STEP, Germany
DYCOMS Dynamics and Chemistry of Marine Stratocumulus
DYCOMS-II Dynamics and Chemistry of Marine Stratocumulus, Phase II
DYNA structural dynamics analysis