Acronym List


Acronym Full name Comments
E Epsilon
EAA Export Administration Act
e-mail electronic mail any of the myriad ways people exchange messages via computers
EAC Employee Activities Committee NCAR
EAC Estimated Cost at Completion
EACR Environmental Area Characterization Report
EAD Energy and Air Division (EPA, ORD)
EAG Environmental Assessments Group NCAR, ASP
EAG Exposure Assessment Group EPA, ORD
EAO Economy Act Order
EAR Ethics Advisory Review
EAR Export Administration Regulations
EARN European Academic Research Network
EASDS Earth Science and Applications Data System
EASOE European Arctic Stratospheric Ozone Experiment
EBAM electron-beam-accessed-memory
EBB equivalent blockbody Temperature
EBCDIC Extended Binary-coded Decimal Interchange Code
EBR-II Experimental Breeder Reactor II
EBUFR Enhanced Binary Universal Form
EC European Community
ECA Earth-crossing asteroids
ECAO Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office
ECCN Export Control Classification Number
ECG Environmental Coordinating Group
ECHAM4 European Center HAMburg 4
ECMOP Experimental Center for Mesoscale Ocean Predictions INO
ECMRWF European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
ECMWF European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasting A source for some of the model output grids in the HDS data stream
ECN Energy Research Foundation, Netherlands
ECOD Export Control Operations Division DOE
ECP engineering change proposal
ECR Economic Cleanup Responsibility Act
ECR engineering change request
ECS EOSDIS core system
ECSA Early Career Scientists Assembly  
ECTD Emission Control Technology Division EPA
ECU Environmental Crimes Unit DOJ
EDA ecosystem dynamics and the atmosphere
EDAS Ecosystem Dynamics and the Atmosphere Section
EDC EROS Data Center Sioux Falls, SD
EDF Exploratory Development Facility PROFS
EDF/ DER Electricit? de France/ Direccion des Etudes et Recherche Chatou, France
EDMS Electra Data Management System
EDP Electronic Data Processing
EDP embedded data processor
EDRS European Data Relay Satellite
EDS Environmental Data Service NESS/NOAA
EDS Electronic Data Systems
EDUCOM   A consortium of industrial organizations and university computing administrators
EEA European Environment Agency
EEC European Economic Community
EECF Earthnet ERS-1 Central Facility ESA
EED Exposure Evaluation Division EPA
EEI Edison Electric Institute
EEID EOSDIS External Interface Document
EEMD/NV Engineering and Energy Management Nevada Operations Office
EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EEPROM Electronically Eraseable and Programmable Read Only Memory
EERL Eastern Environmental Radiation Lab
EERU Environmental Emergency Response Unit
EES Earth & Environmental Science
EESI Environment & Energy Study Institute
EETFC Environmental Effects, Transport, & Fate Committee
EEZSCAN Exclusive Economic Zone Scan
Ef error function
EF emission factor
EFC Experimental Forecast Center
EFEDA European Field Experiment in Desertification-Threatened Area 1991-96 field experiment in semi-arid Spain
EFF Experimental Forecast Facility Created by the NWS
EFI Enrico Fermi Institute
EFT Enhanced Forecaster Tools
EFNS Educational Foundation for Nuclear Science
EFTA European Free Trade Association
EFTC European Fluorocarbon Technical Committee
EGA Enhanced graphics adapter An IBM product that expands the graphics capability of a display terminal
EGD Effluent Guidelines Division EPA
EG&G, Inc. Formerly Edgerton, Gremerhausen, and Grier
EGP Exterior Gateway Protocol This is not a true routing protocol; it's used to spread "reachability information" throughout ARPANET.
EGS European Geophysical Society
EGSE Electronic Ground Support Equipment
EGTF Electron Gun Test Facility
Eh oxidation potential
EH Assistant Secretary for Environment, Safety, and Health DOE
EHF extremely high frequency 30-300 GHz
EI electron ionization
EIC Earth Information System
EIA Energy Information Administration
EIA Electronic Industries Association
EIB Environmental Improvement Board NM
EICC emergency information control center FEMA
EINet Enterprise Integration Network
EIR Eidgenossisches Institut fur Reaktorforschung Switzerland
EIS environmental impact statement
EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture
EISCAT European Incoherent Scatter Radar System Kiruna, Sweden
EISPACK eigensystem package subroutine computing facility
ELCHEM Electrified Clouds as Sources of NOx, and O3
ELDO European Launcher Development Organization Space shuttle programs, 3/73 replaced by ESA, European Space Agency
ELDOME Electra Radome
ELDORA Electra Doppler Radar NCAR, RAF
ELDORA/ASTERIX France-United States collaborative development of the ELDORA
ELF extremely low frequency 30-300 Hz
ELGA (French) Study of African Squall Lines
ELI Environmental Law Institute
elint electronic intelligence
ELLWAS Enhanced Low-Level Windshear Alert System RAP
El Ni-o The little boy brother to La Ni-a
ELP emission line polarimeter
ELP Equipment Loan Program LANL
ELSCAM Electra Scalar Measurements
ELVD Every Launch Vehicle Directorate France
ELVIS ELectromagnetic Very weak Instabilities Saturated
ELVIS Export Licensing Voice Information System Department of Commerce
EM Engineering Model
EM electromagnetic
EM electromagnetic conductivity
EM electronic mail
EM electron microscope
EM evaluation model
EMA Electrodynamics of the Middle Atmosphere
EMA Extended Memory Addressing
emacs An on-line text editor distributed as part of the GNU package of UNIX software
EMAD Equatorial Middle Atmosphere Dynamics STEP, Japan
EMAP Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program EPA
EMC Environmental Modeling Center one of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction
EMCOM Environmental Management Career Opportunities for Minorities
EMCORE Environmental Management Center Opportunities Resource
EMDS Emergency Management Decision Support system the dissemination component of LDAD
EMEP European Model and Evaluation Program
EMEX Equatorial Monsoon Experiment
EMEX Equatorial Mesoscale Experiment
Emf electromotive force
EMF Electromagnetic field/force
EMG Electromagnetic Gravity Data
EMI electomagnetic interference
EMI electromagnetic radiation interference
EMMP Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation Plan
EMO Elk Mountain Observatory
EMO Emergency Management Office
EMO Environmental Management Office
EMP electromagnetic pulse
EMR electomagnetic radiation
EMR electronic mail registration
EMRO Emergency Management & Response Office
EM-Scattering electromagnetic scattering
EMSES Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulation Environment for Systems
EMU electromagnetic units
EMU electromotive unit
ENAC Energetic Neutral Atom Camera
ENACEOS Energetic Neutral Atom Camera for EOS
ENCAR Enclosed Cryopump for Air Sample Recovery
ENDEX Environmental Data Index NOAA
ENEA Comitato Nazionale per la Ricerca e lo Sviluppo dell' Energia Nucleare e delle Energie Alternative Nuclear Energy and Alternative Energy, Italy
ENRI Electronic Navigation Research Institute Japan
ENS European Nuclear Society
ENSO El Ni-o-Southern Oscillation
enstrophy   mean square vorticity
Envisat European Environmental Satellite  
EO Office of Education and Outreach UCAR
EO ethylene oxide
EOB Executive Office Building
EOC Earth Observation Center Japan
EOC EOS Operations Center
EOCAP Earth Observations Commercialization Applications Program
EODC Earth Observation Data Centre United Kingdom
EOF empirical orthogonal function
EOFs empirical orthogonal functions
EO-ICWG Earth Observation International Coordination Working Group
EOL Earth Observing Laboratory (formerly ATD) NCAR
EOL End of Life
EOLE The French program like GHOST EOLE is not an acronym, the French capitalize projects because we do, we do because most are acronyms. Eole is the French spelling for the Greek god of the Winds, Aeolus.
Eon 10 to the 9th years
EOP Equal Employment Opportunity
EOPM electro-optic phase modulated
EOR Emergency Operations Center
EORC Earth Observation Research Center
EORV Emergency Operating Records Vault
EOS Earth Observing System NASA, 1991
EOS-A first NPOP
EOSAT Earth Observation Satellite Company
EOSDIS Earth Observing System Data and Information System the data management component of EOS
EOSIS EOS Information System U.S.
EOSP Earth Observing Scannign Polarimeter
EP electrical power
EPA Environmental Protection Agency a branch of the Federal government
EPAA Environmental Programs Assistance Act 1984
EPAC External Program Advisory Committee reviews DOE contracts
EPC Environmental Forecast Center
EPC Emergency Planning Commission
EPI electronic position indicator
EPI Environmental Policy Institute
EPIC Engineering Physics Information Center ORNL
EPIC Environmental Photographic Interpretation Center
EPICS Energetic Pion Channel and Spectrometer
EPICS Experimental Physics & Industrial Control System
EPL Electron Prototype Lab
EPO Estuarine Programs Office NOAA
EPOCH European Program on Climatology and Natural Hazards
EPOCS Eastern Pacific Ocean Climate Study
EPOP European Polar Orbiting Platform
EPR electon paragmagnetic resonance EPR Spectrometer
EPRI Electric Power Research Institute Palo Alto, California
EPROM Electronically Programmable Read Only Memory
EqS Equatorial scatter
ER electrical resistivity
ERA Energy Reorganization Act
ERA Engineering Research Associates
ERAB Energy Research Advisory Board
ERACF Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System EPA
ERB earth radiation budget TWERLE
ERBE Earth Radiation Budget Experiment NASA
ERBI Earth Radiation Budget Instrument
ERBS Earth Radiation Budget Satellite NASA
ERC Equatorial ring current see USERC
ERC Environmental Research Center
ERDA Energy Research and Development Administration formerly AEC
ERDA Energy Research and Development Administration formerly AEC
ERDC Exploratory Research and Development Center
DRD&DAA Environmental Research, Development and Demonstration Authorization Act
ERDIP Experimental R & D Incentives Program NSF
ERG External Review Group DOE
ERICA Experiment on Rapidly Intensifying Cyclones and Anticyclones
ERICA Experiment on Rapidly Intensifying Cyclones in the Atlantic
ERL Electromagnetic Radiation Laboratory
ERL Environmental Research Laboratory NOAA
EROC Ecological Rates of Change
EROS Earth Resources Observation System USGS, 1996
ERS Earth Remote-Sensing Satellite ESA
ERS element requirements specification
ERS Earth Resources Satellite Europe
ERS-1 European Remote Sensing Satellite 1 (ESA)
ERS-II European Research Satellite
ERS-2 European Remote Sensing
ERSDAC Earth Resources Satellite Data Analysis Center Japan
ERT Environmental Research and Technology, Inc.
ERTAQ ERT air quality model
ERTD Environmental Research & Technology Division EG&G
ERTS Earth Resources Technology Satellite GARP
(Es) Sporadic E
ESA European Space Agency 1996, replaces ELDO and ESRO
ESA Endangered Species Act
ESA Exploratory Shaft Facility YMP
ESA Engineering Support Activity U.S. Navy
ESAD Earth Science and Applications Division
ESC Engineering Support Center
ESCAP Economic Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific United Nations
ESCP Earth Sciences Curriculum Project
ESD Environmental Satellite Data, Inc. A company that provides meteorological services
ESD Electronic System Division U.S. Air Force
ESD Employment Security Department Nevada
ESDD Earth Science Data Directory
ESDI Enhanced Samll Device Interface high transfer rate hard drives
ESDIM Earth System Data and Information Management
ESDIM Environmental Science Data Integration and Management
ESECA Energy Supply & Environmental Coordination Act
ESF European Science Foundation
ESFU enhanced standard format unit
ESG Empirical Study Group NCAR
Eshp effective shaft horse power
ESI Earth Systems Institute Rice University
ESID EOSDIS Systems interface document
ESIG Environmental and Societal Impacts Group NCAR
ESIP Earth System Information Partners Federation
ESIS Earth Science Information System
ESIS ESA Space Information Systems
ESJWG Earth Science Joint Working Group
ESL Earth Sciences Laboratories NOAA
ESM Earth Systems Model
ESMF Earth System Model Framework
ESML Earth Science Markup Language
ESMR Electronically Scanning Microwave Radiometer
ESN ECS Science Network
ESnet Energy Sciences Network
ESO European Southern Observatory
ESPIRIT European Strategic Programme for R&D in Information Technology
Esr electron spin resonance
ESRO European Space Research Organization Noordwyk, Holland, 3/73 replaced by ESA
ESS Earth System Science
ESS Engineering Equipment Surveillance System
ESSA Environmental Science Services Administration 1996, replaced by NOAA
ESSC Earth System Science Committee NASA
ESSC Environmental Science Services Administration U.S.
ESSCO Electronic Space Systems Corporation
ESSCO Environmental Science & Services Corporation
ESSIS Earth System Science Information System
ESSL Earth & Sun Systems Laboratory Originally ATD and now NESL, NCAR's Earth System Laboratory
ESTAR Electrically Steered Thinned Array Radiometer
ESTEC European Space Research and Space Technology Centre
ESTSC Energy Science and Technology Software Center
ESTP Exploratory Shaft Test Plan
esu electrostatic unit
ET evapotranspiration
ETA   A vendor of supercomputers and associated software
Eta A hydrostatic model that employs the eta vertical coordinate NWS/NCEP
ETA A subsidiary of Control Data Corporation that manufactures supercomputers
ETAG Educational Technologies Assistance Group A University of Illinois microcomputing facilities group
ETC Estimate Time to Complete
ETC engineering training course
ETCE Effects of Tropical Convection Experiment
ETCO External Tanks Corporation also known as Space Phoenix
ETE   abbreviation for estimated time en route
ETEC Energy Technology Engineering Center Canoga Park
Ethernet   A local area networking hardware system (cables, connectors, etc.) developed and licensed by Xerox Corporation; accepted as a standard by IEEE; now manufactured by a wide number of companies
ETFSP Enhanced Technology Flight Segment Prototype
ETG Eclipse Task Group for the 1973 Solar Eclipse Expedition
ETH Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Federal Technical High School in Zurich
Ethernet A network standard for the hardware and data link levels
ETIP Experimental Technology Incentive Program National Bureau of Standards
ETL Environmental Technology Laboratory NOAA, previously the Wave Propagation Laboratory
ETL Energy Technology Programs
ETM Enhanced Thematic Mapper
ETR element test review
ETS Emergency Transponder System
EU European Union
EUCLID European Cooperation for the Long Term in Defense
EUCREX European Cirrus Research Experimetn formerly ICE
Eumetsat European Meteorological Satellite
EURAM European Research in Advanced Materials
EUROTRAC European Experiment for Transporting and Transforming Environmentally Relevant Trace Construction in the Troposphere
EURATOM European Atomic Energy Agency/Community
EUREKA European Research Cooperation Agency
EUV extreme ultraviolet sometimes given as XUV
EV Earned Value
EVE Equilibrium Vegetation Ecology
EWE Equatorial Winds Experiment GAMP project
EWF Early Warning Form
EXAbyte Boulder-based computer company
EXAMETNET Experimental Inter-American Meteorological Rocket Network
EXCEL Experimental Chloride Extraction Line
EXEC Executable program
EXOSAT European X-ray Observatory Satellite
EXPRESSO EXPeriment for REgional Sources and Sinks of Oxidants
EXPRS EXpendable Probe Receiver System