Acronym List


Acronym Full name Comments
F forad
F Fahrenheit
F femto Prefix for 10 to the negative 15th power
F frequency
f77 FORTRAN77 compiler/language
F&A Finance and Administration UCAR, F&A
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAA 604   A weather data service provided by the FAA
FAC Facilities Advisory Council
FAC Friday Afternoon Club
FACA Federal Advisory Committee Act
FACE Florida Area Cirrus Experiment
FACE Also known as FACE '75
FAGS Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical Services ICSU
FAL Frontier Airline
FAME Florida Area Mesoscale Experiment
FAME formatting and multiplexing equipment
FAN File Array Notation an array-oriented language for identifying data items in netCDF files for the purpose of extraction or modification
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization United Nations
FAPS Fate of Atmospheric Pollutants Study NCAR
FAPS freedom attached payloads
FAQ Frequently asked questions
FAS Federation of American Scientists
FASB Financial Accounting Standards Board
FASCODE Fast Atmosphere Signature Code
FASE Foundation for Advancement in Science and Education
FASINEX Frontal Air-Sea Interaction Experiment
FASTEX Fronts Atlantic Storm Track Experiment
FAT factory acceptance test
FATS Factory Acceptance Test Specification
FATS Firearms Training Simulator
FATS FORTRAN Automatic Timing System
FATS Forward Area Target Surveillance System
FATS South African Air Force Tactical Support Command
Fb blanketing frequency
FB funds Budgeted
FB Fleischmann Building UCAR
FBA forecasting by analogy
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCA functional configuration audit
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FCCLA *****
FCCSET Federal Coordinating Council on Science, Engineering and Technology
FCM Federal Coordinator for Meteorological Services and Supporting Research
FCOM Federal Coordinators Office of Meteorology
FCST Federal Council for Science and Technology
FD Facility Division NOAA, FSL
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FDC Fluid Dynamics Conference
FDCA Federal Drug and Cosmetics Act 1938
4DDD Four-Dimensional Data Assimilation part of LAPS
FDDA Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDDI fiber-distributed data interface
FDF Flight Dynamics Facility
FDM full-depth model
FDMA frequency division multiple access
FDT Fully Developed Turbulence
FE Front-end
feed type   In the context of the Unidata LDM, a category of data products sharing a name space of product IDs and injected from a single data source
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency USA
FEOSH Federal Employee Occupational Safety and Health
FEP front end processor
FEPCA Federal Environmental Pesticides Control Act
FEPCA Federal Environmental Pollution Control Act
FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FERMILAB FERMI National Acceleration Laboratory
FEST Fronts Experiment Systems Test
FET field-effect transistor for switches
FEWS Follow-on Early Warning System
FFDCA Federal Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act
FFP Firm Fixed Price contract
FFRDCs Federally Funded Research and Development Centers
FFS Flight Facilities Survey
FFT Fast Fourier Transform
FFTF Fast Flux Test Facility Hanford, WA
FFTs Fast-Fourier transforms
FGCMS Fast GC / MS = Fast Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry  
FGGE First GARP Global Experiment 1977
FHSA Federal Hazardous Substances Act 1966
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
FIAR European aviation partnership
FICA Federal Insurance Contributions Act
FICS Facility Information and Control System
field capacity   The amount of water left in the soil after it has saturated and allowed to drain by gravity for 24 hours.
FIFE First ISLSCP Field Experiment International Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project, 1987-89
FIFE II First ISLSCP Field Experiment II International Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project
FIFOLIB   The library software used to support a staging file between the ingesters and digesters in a version of the Unidata LDM
FIFRA Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
file server   Generally, a node on a local area network that provides file storage and file access facilities to other network nodes. Technically, the process on a computer that provides access to files on that computer to programs running on remote machines
FILOS Far Infrared Limb Observing Spectrometer JPL
finger   A program that allows you to look up information about a particular user or about all users currently logged into a particular server
FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard
FIRE First ISLSCP Regional Experiment ISCCP (International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project) Phase I in 1989, Phase II through 1994, WCRP
FIRE First ISCCP Radiation Experiment
FIRE Fast Imaging Ranicon Experiment
FIRE-ACE First ISCCP International Satellite Cloud Climatology Program Regional ExperimentÐArctic Cloud Experiment
FIRS Fourier Transform Infrared Sounder
FIS Financial Information System DOE
FIVRS Financial Information Variance Reporting System
FL Foothills Laboratory
FL1 first flight model
FL2 second flight model
FLAGE Flexible Lightweight Agile Guided Experiment
FLAT Full Look at Turbulent Kinetic Energy
FLD first level destination
FLETC Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
FLIP Floating Instrument Platform
FLMPA Federal Land Management Policy Act
FLOP Floating Point Operations
Flops Floating point operations per second
FLOWS FAA/Lincoln Laboratory Operational Weather Studies
FLP relocating floating point interpreter Data General Corporation
FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act 1938
FLTOP Federal Lease to Ownership Program
FM frequency modulation
FMECA Failure Modes Effects and Critical Analysis
FMFIA Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act
FMIT Fusion Materials Irradiation Test Facility
FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act 1993
FMS French Meteorological Society
FNAL Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
FNC Federal Networking Council
FNOC Fleet Numerical Operations Center
Fo orbital frequency
FO Field Office
FOB Free On Board
FOB Facilities Operations Branch LAAO
FOC full operational capability
FOCAL Programme Francais Ocean et Climat dans d'Atlantique Equatorial
FODDAS Four-Dimensional Data Assimilation Study GARP, NCAR
FOF Field Observing Faciltilty UCAR, NCAR, ATD
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
FOLD federally owned LANDSAT data
Footprint Measuring and modeling the surface Footprint of scalar fluxes
FORD Flight Operations Requirements Document
FORGE Funds for Overseas Research Grants for Education
FORTELL not an acronym A collaborative project to provide experimental high-resolution road information products from models run at local NWS offices
FORTRAN FORmula TRANslation A scientific programming language developed by IBM in the 50's, used to create many graphics and analysis programs common to Unidata
FORTRAN 77   A specific version of FORTRAN
FOS Family of Services A collection of data streams from NWS, injected into the IDD by the Alden Corporation under a contract with Unidata. This currently includes DDS, PPS, IDS and HDS data streams
FOS flight operations segment
FOV field of view
fp plasma frequency
FP Fixed Price contract
F/P-INT Fabry-Perot Interferometer
FPA Focal Plane Assembly
FPA Federal Pesticide Act
FPD Facilities Planning and Design
FPD Flight Projects Directorate
FPI Fabry-Perot Interferometer
FPMD Facilities and Property Management Division DOE
F/P-INT Fabry Perot Interferometer
FPPS Flight Plan Processing System
FPS Field Project Services NCAR, EOL
FPS-# Radar Designation never spelled out
fps feet per second
fps fast packet switch
fps foot-pound second system of measurements
FR full resolution
FR Federal Register
FRC Front Range Consortium
FRC Federal Radiation Council
FRC Federal Records Center
FRD Forecast Research Division NOAA, FSL
Freon DuPont trade name do not use in discussing UAP or other research on chlorofluoromethanes
frequency   The rate of recurrence of any periodic phenomenon, often associated with waves of all kinds.
ELF extremely low frequency 30-300 Hz
VLF very low frequency 3-30 KHz
MF medium frequency 300-3,000 KHz
HF high frequency 3-30 MHz
VHF very high frequency 30-3,000 MHz
VF voice frequency 300-3,000 Hz
UHF ultra-high frequency 300-3,000 MHz
SHF super high frequency 3-30 GHz (Gigahertz)
EHF extremely high frequency 30-300 GHz
End of Frequencies
FRG Federal Republic of Germany
FRMAC Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center
FRONT   McIDAS program that plots fronts
FRS First Repository States
FS flight segment
FSDR final system design review
FSEC Florida Solar Energy Center
FSK frequency shift key(ing)
FSL Forecast Systems Laboratory NOAA
FSS Facilities Support Services UCAR
FSSP Forward Scattering Spectometer Probe
FST field support terminal
FSTC Foreign Science & Technology Center
FT Fourier Tachometer
FT Identification for an aviation terminal forecast valid at an airport
FT forward-in-time
FTACH Fourier Tachometer
FTAM file transfer access management
FTE full-time equivalent
FTE full-time employees
FTFC Fourier transform flow cytometer
FTIR Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy
FTOS FGGE Tropical Observing System
FTP File Transfer Protocol A method of transferring files electronically that can be implemented on a variety of computers. It is an applications-level protocol based on TCP/IP. Anonymous FTP indicates that any user may obtain files from a remote system by logging in as anonymous with an arbitrary password (traditionally, "guest" or your e-mail address)
FTS Fourier Transform Spectrometer
FTS Federal Telecommunications System
FTSC FSL Technical Steering Committee
FUA Fuel Use Act
FUN FL-4 Uniform Network Project UCAR, NCAR
fuzzball gateway   A specially configured DEC computer running software that connects computers to telephone lines. Used as a networking device
F-V Fussell-Vesely
FWHM full width, half maximum a spectroscopic term, meaning that a certain specified width occurs halfway up an intensity curve
FWPCA Federal Water Pollution Control Act CWA
FWS filter wedge spectrometer
FWQC Federal Water Quality Criteria
FWS Fish and Wildlife Service DOI
FX FSL's X-window workstation the demonstration workstation for the WFO-Advanced workstation
FX-ALPHA FSL X-window AWIPS-Like Prototype for Hydrometeorological Applications renamed WFO-Advanced
FY fiscal year