Acronym List


Acronym Full name Comments
JAFNA Joint Air Force NASA Facility Now called the Radar Atmospheric Research Facility
JAROS Japan Resources Observation System Organization
JAS Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
JASIN Joint Air-Sea Interaction experiment Part of GARP, proposed by U.K. Meteorological Office
JASON   Group of physicists at Stanford that study various projects and are funded by government defense money
Java   An object-oriented, platform-independent language from Sun, now widely used to create applets and applications for the Internet
JAWOP Joint Automated Weather Observing Program NWS/FAA
JAWS Joint Airport Weather Studies UCAR, NCAR, RAP
JCAE Joint Committee on Atomic Energy
JCL job control language
JCP/ PO Joint Climate Projects/ Planning Office
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff DOD
JEC Joint-Evaluation Committee NCAR, UCAR, NSF
Jeffco Jefferson County Airport Now Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport
JEFNIC Jeffco Network Infrastructure Completion Project Jeffco (Jefferson County Airport) is now Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport.
JEM Joint environmental monitoring
JERS Japan Earth Remote Sensing Satellite
JERS-1 Japanese Earth Resources Sensing Satellite 1
JES Job Entry System
JFSP Joint Forecast System Project
JETDLAG  Joint European Development of Tuneable Diode Laser Absorbtion Spectroscopy for Measurement of Atmospheric Trace Gases Subproject of EUROTRAC, completed in 1995
JGOFS Joint Global Ocean Flux Study IGBP
JGR Journal of Geophysical Research
JHU Johns Hopkins University
JHWRP Joint Hawaii Warm Rain Project
JIC Joint Implementation Committee NCAR
JICA Japan International Development Agency
JICC Japanese ICC
JICP/PO now JOSS, Joint International Climate Projects/Planning Office UCAR, 9/96 changed to Joint Office for Science Support
JILA Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics University of Colorado and NBS
JMA Japan Meteorological Agency See MRI
JMG Joint Meteorological Group of the JCS, Joint Chiefs of Staff
JMOF Joint Meteorological Observing Facility Now called BAO, instrumental tower NCAR/NOAA/CIRES
JMRNSC Joint Meteorological Rocket Network Steering Committee Includes people from DOD, NASA, ISWIS, and USAF
JMSC Joint Meteorological Satellite Communication NASA
JOC Joint Organizing Committee NCAR
JODC Japan Ocean Data Center
JOI Joint Oceanographic Institutions, Inc.
JONSWAP Joint North Sea Wave Project GARP
JOSS Joint Office for Science Support a UCAR program, JOSS was originally formed by the merger of two separate UCAR programs: the Joint International Climate Projects Planning Office (JICP/PO) and the Office for Field Project Support (OFPS)
JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA, Pasadena, CA
JPOP Japanese Polar Orbiting Platform &nbs;
JPS Joint Planning Staff JOC
JSC Johnson Space Center NASA
JSC Joint Scientific Committee WCRP, supersedes GAPP/JOC
JSPO Joint Systems Program Office NEXRAD
JTA Job Table Area
JvNC John von Neumann National Supercomputing Center Princeton, New Jersey, established in 1985 by the Consortium for Scientific Computing, Inc., which was a consortium of 13 academic institutions
JVNTSC John Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
JWG Joint working group