Acronym List


Acronym Full name Comments
K potassium
K a symbol for planetary wave number
ka-band 0.8 cm wavelength radar
KAEH King Air Equivalent Hours
KAFB Kirkland Air Force Base Albuquerque, New Mexico
KB Kilobyte (s) Roughly 1000 bytes; actually 1024 bytes
Kb Kilobit(s) Roughly 1000 bits; actually 1024 bits
Kb/s Kbits/s kilobits per second
Kbps Kilobits (103) per second
kbyte kilobyte (103)
kbyte/sec kilobytes (103) per second
KDP potassium dihydrogen phosphate Crystals used in laser directional control
KE kinetic energy
KELP coronal emission line polarimeter
KISS Kanton Island Sounding System
kitoon combination kite and balloon
KLOC kilolines (103) of code
KMA Korean Meteorological Administration
KNET/Spartacus   Hardware/software configuration that enables the IBM 4381 (IO) front-end computer to use the TCP/IP protocol suite
KNMI Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut Royal Netherlands (or Dutch) Meteorological Institute
KOFSE Kuwait Oil-Fire Smoke Experiment
KOSAMP Kuwait Oil-Fire Smoke Atmospheric Measurements Program Also former name of KOFSE
kp low magnetic activity
kp geomagnetic planetary index
KPNO Kitt Peak National Observatory Arizona
KPP K Profile Parameterization
kR kilorayleigh
KRMS Ka-band Radiometer Mapping System
KSA Ku-band single access
KSC Kennedy Space Center, Florida