Acronym List


Acronym Full name Comments
L lunar
L2D2 Lightweight LORAN Digital Dropsonde 1990
L-DEO Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Columbia University
LA Longmont anticyclone
La Niöa The little girl sister to El Niöo
LAC local area coverage AVHRR
LACATE lower atmosphere composition and temperature experiment
LAGEOS Laser Geodynamics Satellite USA/Italy
LAGEOS-2 Laser Geodynamics Satellite-2 Italy
LAI Leaf Area Index
LAM Limited-area model
LAMBADA Amazon Basin Experiment
LAMMR Large Antenna Multichannel Microwave Radiometer
LAMP Laboratoire Associe de Meteorologie Physique University of Clermont, France
LAMPS Limited-Area Mesoscale Prediction System
LAMMR Large Antenna Multichannel Microwave Radiometer
LAMSS Laser Air Motion Sensing System
LAN local area network A communications network linking a number of computers in a relatively small geographical (i.e., "local") region
LANDSAT Land Remote Sensing Satellite
landspout   A tornado
La Niöa The little girl sister to El Niöo
LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory
LANTEX Lantau Experiment
LAOL Los Alamos Opacity Library
LAPB Local Analysis and Prediction Branch NOAA, FSL
LAPS Local Analysis and Prediction System
LAPS Local Area Prediction System NOAA/FSL
LaRC Langley Research Center
LARC Limited Area Remote Collector
LAS Laboratory of Atmospheric Science
LAS LAGEOS apogee stage
LASA Lidar Atmospheric Sounder and Altimeter
LASERS Learning about Science Easily and Readily NCAR
LASP Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics University of Colorado
LATAS Laser True Airspeed System
latency   In the context of the Unidata LDM, the delay in delivery of a data product since it was first injected from a data source site
LAWS Laser Atmospheric Wind Sounder
LAWS Low Altitude Wind Shear
LBA/TRMM Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia/Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission  
LBJSC Lydon B. Johnson Space Center NASA, Houston, Texas
LBN Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
LBJSC Lydon B Johnson Space Center NASA at Houston, formerely "Manned Space Center" or MSC.
LC inductance-capacitance
LCC life cycle cost
LCD Liquid crystal display Type of display used in, for example, digital watches
LCL lifting consdensation level
LCM large core memory
LDA Local Data Acquisition
LDAD Local Data Acquisition and Dissemination a component of the WFO-Advanced workstation
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LDM Local Data Manager The software allows Unidata sites to select, capture, process, and distribute data products. The LDM is implemented as a set of network client and server programs and their shared protocols. In 1994, the LDM was modified to allow its use across the Internet (See IDD)
LDM_Connection   Unidata software that created Unidata McIDAS MD files from International Data Service surface (synoptic) data
LDM server   The LDM program rpc.ldmd responsible for servicing RPC requests, managing the reception, disposition, and injection of data to and from the IDD
LDN local data network NCAR
LDR linear depolarization ratio
LDS Lightning Detection System
LDS Linear Depolarization Ratio
LDS Loral Defense Systems formerly Unisys Corporation
LEADEX Lead Experiment Arctic
leaf node   In the context of the IDD, an LDM system that receives data products but does not relay data products to other IDD nodes. If the IDD distribution is represented as a directed graph, the leaf nodes have no outgoing edges
LEARN Laboratory Experience in Atmospheric Research UCAR
LED light emitting diode A type of display
LEDA On-line Earthnet Data Access ESA catalog system
LeRC Lewis Research Center
LES large-eddy simulation
LEST Large Earth-Based Solar Telescope
LEWEX Labrador Extreme Waves Experiment NASA
LF Low frequency
LFC large format camera
LFM limited-area fine mesh An NMC forecasting model
LGSOWG Landsat Ground Station Operators Working Group
lhs left-hand side
library   A collection of related software files
LIDAR Light Detection and Ranging Instrument
LIE Line Islands Experiment
LIMS Limb Infrared Monitor of the Statosphere formerly LACATE
Linux   A Unix clone written from scratch by Linus Torvalds with assistance from a loosely-knit team of hackers across the Net. It aims towards POSIX compliance
LIRIS Loral IR Imaging System
LIS Library and Information Systems NCAR
LIS Lightning Imaging Sensor
LISP List Processing Language
LITE Lidar In Space Technology Experiment
LL Lincoln Laboratories MIT
LLC logical link control
LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory(ies)
LLP Lightning Location and Protection
LLR Lunar Laser Ranging
LLWAS Low-Level Wind Shear Alert System NCAR, RAP
lm lumen
LM Large Model job class on the Cray computers
LME layer management entity
LMER Land Margin Ecosystems Research
LMOS Lake Michigan Ozone Study
LNA Low-noise amplifier
LNB   Equipment that combines the functions of a low-noise amplifier and a block-down converter in equipment used to receive broadcasts from satellites
LOC lines of code
LOD2 Lightweight Omega Digital Dropwindsonde
LOE Level of Effort
LOHSS Local Hardware and Software Systems A working group formed after the 1983 workshop, held in Madison, WI , at which the Unidata Program was first conceived
LOICZ Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone IGBP
LORAN-C Long Range (aid to) Navigation-C usually LORAN
LOS loss of signal
LOTUS Lower Thermosphere and Upper Stratosphere NSF
LOWL Low Degree Oscillations Experiment
low pressure   An area of low pressure refers to a minimum of atmospheric pressure in two dimensions (closed isobars) on a constant-height chart or a minimum of height (closed contours) on a constant-pressure chart.
LOX Liquid Oxygen
LPARL Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory
LPATS Lightning Position and Tracking System A service of Atmospheric Research Systems, Inc.
LPC large particle count
LPI lines per inch
LPM lines per minute
LRC Langley Research Center
LRE Latest Revised Estimate
LRIR Limb Radiance Inversion (or Infrared) Radiometer
LRT Low Rate Type NCAR aircraft data
LRU laser recording unit
LRU line replaceable unit
LSA logistics support analysis
LSD large-scale dynamics
LSFC Langley Space Flight Center NASA
LSI large scale integration
LSI Lunar Science Institute operated by the University Space Resources Association
LSM local system management
LSM Land Surface Model
LST Large Space Telescope
LSU Louisiana State University Baton Rouge
LSX land surface transfer scheme
LT local time
LTCS Lower Thermosphere Coupling Study
LTE local thermodynamic equilibrium
LTER Long Term Ecological Research
LTER Long-Term Ecological Research program NSF
LTLOG Landsat Technical Working Group
LTV Ling-Temco-Vaught Inc.
LVBLE Laramie Valley Boundary Layer Experiment
LVDT linear variable differential transformer
LWC liquid water content