Acronym List


Acronym Full name Comments
P/B priority playback
P/L-EX Payload Executive
PA position angle
PA payload accommodations
PA/CCC Payload Accommodations/Carrier Control Center
PAC Polar Atmospheric Chemistry
PACDEX PACific Dust EXperiment
PACE Precipitation Augmentation for Crops Experiment former name of TEXMEX, q.v.
PACEM Physics and Chemistry of Earth Materials
PACJET Pacific Land-falling Jets Experiment
PACLAT Pacific Latitudinal Distribution of Photochemical Trace Species
PACS Pan-American Climate Studies
PACT Professional Association of Computing and Technology  
PACX Private Automatic Computer Exchange NCAR's port selection device that automatically assigns users to an available port on the NCAR computer of their choice
PAGE Program for the Advancement of Geoscience Education
PAGES Past Global Changes IGBP
PAIR Particulate Airborne Inlet Research
PAKIT Photochemistry and Kinetics of Important Trace gases AKP
PALE Paleoclimates from Arctic Lakes and Estuaries
PAM portable automated mesonet Mesoscale network
PAM-III Portable Automated Mesonet station
PAN peroxyacyl nitrates
PAN-CIMS PAN chemical ionization mass spectrometer
PAR Performance Assurance Requirements
PAR photosynthetically active radiation
PARS Paralleled-processing Applied Research Systems
PAS Platform Analysis System
PASE Polar Air-Show Experiment
PASIN Particle-Matter Airborne Sampling Inlet Experiment
PASJ Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan English language
PASSCAL Program for Array Seismic Studies of the Continental Lithosphere
PAWS Psychological, Atmospheric, and Weather Sciences
pB product of polarization and brightness
PBL planetary boundary layer
Pbyte petabyte (1015bytes)
pc geomagnetic pulsations
pc continuous pulsations
PC personal computer
PCA physical configuration audit
PCAS Passive Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer
PCAST President's Council of Advisers on Science and Technology
PCC Profiler Control Center NOAA, FSL
PCDS Pilot Climate Data System now NCDS
PCM Parallel Climate Model
PCM pulse code modulation
PCM punched card machine
PCMDI Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison
PCMS Process and Change Management System
PCNFS Personal Computer Network File System
PCO Polar Cap Observatory
PCRGA Precipitation Chemistry, Reactive Gases, and Aerosols Section
PCWG Polar Climate Working Group
pd positive definite math
PDAM Point Data Access and Management
PDE partial differential equation
pdf probability density functions
PDL Program Design Language
PDM pulse duration modulation
PCO Polar Cap Observatory
PCRGA Precipitation Chemistry, Reactive Gases, and Aerosols Section
pd positive definite in math
PDM pulse duration modulation
PDR Preliminary Design Review
PDS Planetary Data System
PDS Platform Data System
PDT Product Development Team
PDU Power Distribution Unit
PDU Protocol Data Unit
PDW preliminary design walk-through
PE primitive equation
PE payload executive
PEACE DOD atoll-drilling program for coral core sample
PEATMOS Primitive Equation and Trojectory Model Output Statistics in probability forecasting, A.H. Murphy
PEC Performance Management Committee
PECASE Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
PEL photo-electron layer
PELTI Passing Efficiency for the Low Turbulence Inlet  
PEM Particle Environment Monitor NASA/UARS
PEM Pacific Exploratory Measurements
PEM Pacific Exploratory Mission
PEP photo-electron plasma
PEPPI Photometric Eclipse Polar Plume Imager
PERFMON Performance Monitor utility
Perl Practical Extraction and Report Language written with only initial cap
PERT Performance Evaluation and Review Technique
PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
PETS performance evaluation and test system
PF Performance Factor
PFA Prime Factor Algorithm
PFA Primary Flux Array
PFS Physical Facilities Service(s)
PFU Proto Flight Unit see PFM
PGGA Permanent GPS Geodetic Array
PGS Product
PHIGS Programmer's Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System
PHIGS Portable Hierarchical Image and Graphic Standard
PHOXA Photochemical Oxidant and Acid deposition model application
PHS Public Health Service or USPHS, United States Public Health Service
PI principal investigator
pi irregular pulsations
PI/TL Principal Investigator/Team Leader
PIBALS Pilot Balloons visually tracked free-rising balloons used for upper air measurements
PICF Principal Investigator Computing Facility
pick   to pierce, penetrate, or break up with a pointed instrument.
PICS positive ion composition spectrometer TWERLE
PID Prototype International Directory
PIDC Precision Instrument Development Center Taiwan
PIFM practical improved flux method
PILPS Program for Intercomparison of Land Surface Parameterization Schemes
Pin Power input
PIPOR Program for International Polar Ocean Research
PIPOR Programme of International Polar Oceans Research
PIRAC PC-based Integrated Radar Acquisition Card
PIRAQ-III PC-based Radar Acquisition Ð 3rd generation
PIREP Pilot Weather Report
PIREPS pilot reports
PIs Principal Investigators
PISP Polar Ice Sheet Program
PIXE Proton Induced X-ray Emission
P/L-EX Payload Executive
Planetary scale =A scale, =2,000 to 10,000 km GARP
PLDS Pilot Land Data System NASA
PM2.5 Particulate Matter with mass median aerodynamic diameter less than 2.5 micrometers
PMA platform management application
PMB Performance Measurement Baseline
PMEL Pacific Marine Environment Laboratory NOAA
PMIP Paleoclimate Modeling Intercomparison Project
PMR Pressure Modulator Radiometer
PMR Pacific Missile Range
PMS Particle Measuring System
PMS Particle Measuring Systems, Inc. Boulder, Colorado
PMS Performance Measurement System
PMS Platform Management System
PNA Pacific/North American
PNR Profiler Network Review
Po power output
POAM Polar Ozone and Aerosol Measurement POAM II & III Missions, NRL
PoC Proof of Concept
POC project operations center
POCIBO Polar Circling Balloon Observatory NSF grant to University of Minnesota program for IQSY-headed by J.R. Winckler
POCM parallel ocean climate model
POD probability of detection
POES Polar Operational Environmental Satellite United States
POGO Polar Orbiting Geophysical Observatory
POISE-98 POlarimetric Instrument for Solar Eclipse-98
POLARIS Photochemistry of Ozone Loss in the Arctic Region in Summer NASA sponsored mission
POLEX Polar Experiment USSR/GARP, Arctic head budget experiment
POP Parallel Ocean Program  
POP Photochemical Oxidation and Products NCAR/ACD group
PoP Probability of Precipitation (%) in forecasting
POSIX Portable Operating System Interface for Computer Environments based on UNIX
pp parts per
ppb parts per billion
PCC Profiler Control Center Boulder, Colorado
pphm parts per hundred million
PPI plan-postition indicator
ppm parts per million
ppmv parts per million by volume
PPO Profiler Program Office Boulder, Colorado
PPP Point-to-Point Protocol
PPP Parallelizing PreProcessor
PPS Public Products Service  
PPS Physical Plant Services Now part of FM&S (Facilities Management and Sustainability)
pps pulses per second
PPS-PODS Precise Position System- Precise Orbit Determination System
pptv parts per trillion (by volume)
PPU Peripheral Processor Unit
PRAIRE Polarization Radar Illinois Rainfall Experiments
PRC People's Republic of China
PRC, Inc. Planning Research Corporation AWIPS contractor
PRCM Paleoclimate Reconstructions of Climate Modeling Observatory
PRAIRE Polarization Radar Illinois Rainfall Experiments
PRC People's Republic of China Also Planning Research Corporation
PRECIP Processing of Emissions by Clouds and Precipitation A "research focus" on precipitation.
Precipitable water   The total atmospheric water vapor contained in a vertical column of unit cross-sectional area extending between any two specified levels, commonly expressed in terms of the height to which that water substance would stand if completely condensed and collected in a vessel of the same unit cross section.
PRECP Program on Nonlinearity of Acid Precipitation Process Also Processing of Emissions by Clouds and Precipitation
PRE-STORM Preliminary Regional Experiment-STORM
Pre-AWIPS Preprototype AWIPS
PRE-STORM Preliminary Regional Experiment-STORM
PRECIP Processing of Emissions by Clouds and Precipitation A "research focus" on precipitation
PRECP Program on Nonlinearity of Acid Precipitation Process
PRECP Processing of Emissions by Clouds and Precipitation
PRF pulse repetition frequency example: the radar has a PRF of 200 pps
Primer 6600/7600 NCAR/TN-62+IA J.C. Adams, ATD, 1971, NTIS #PB93-157675
PRIMO Problems Related to Ionospheric Modeling and Observations Project
PRMS precipitation runoff modeling system
PROBE Portable Remote Observations of the Environment
process   A progressive forward movement from one point to another on the way to completion.
PROFS Program for Regional Observing and Forecasting Services NOAA
Project LEARN Laboratory Experience in Atmospheric Research UCAR
PROM Programmable Read-Only Memory
PROPHET Program for Research on Oxidants: PHotochemistry, Emissions and Transport  
PRT Pulse Repetition Time radar
PRT Platinum Resistance Thermometer PAM
PRUDENCE Prediction of Regional Scenerios and Uncertainties for Defining European Climate Change Risks and Effects
PSAC President's Science Advisory Committee
PSA Pressure Switch Assembly
PSA Problem Statement Analyzer
PSA Public Service Announcement (radio/TV term)
psc geomagnetic pulsation
PSC polar stratospheric cloud
PSC Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
PSCN Program Support Computer Network
PSCNET Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Network
PSE Polar Sunrise Experiment 1998
pseudo front   A small-scale front, formed in association with organized severe convective activity, between a mass of rain-cooled air from the thunderstorm clouds and the warm surrounding air.
psi pounds per square inch
PSI plan shear indicator
psia pounds per square inch absolute
psid pounds per square inch differential
psig pounds per square inch gage
PSN Piano Spaziale Nazionale Italian National Space Plan
PSOS Profiler Surface Observing System
PSPT Precision Solar Photometric Telescope
PSU Pennsylvania State University
PUP principle user position workstation
PV potential vorticity
PVC polyvinyl chloride
PVC permanent virtual circuit
PWV precipitable water vapor
PYI Presidential Young Investigators