Acronym List


Acronym Full name Comments
U Mass University of Massachusetts
U.S./JC United States/Japan Cooperation a committee, WOR is on it
UAC United Aircraft Corporation
UAO upper atmosphere observatory
UARC Upper Atmosphere Research Corporation
UARS Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite
UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
UCAID University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development
UCAR University Corporation for Atmospheric Research a nonprofit corporation comprising a consortium of universities involved with atmospheric research, governing body for NCAR, incorporated in 1960 in Delaware then later moved corporate headquarters to Colorado
UCAR Unmanned Combat Armed Rotorcraft
UCARF UCAR Foundation UCAR is University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
UCARIP or UIP UCAR Intellectual Property
UCARIPO UCAR Intellectual Property Officer
UCARnet University Cooperation for Atmospheric Research Network a Local Area Network linking together the divisions of NCAR and UCAR projects in Boulder County
UCARTS UCAR Trade Secrets
UCLA University of California at Los Angeles
UCP UCAR Community Programs Formerly UOP, UCAR Office of Programs
UCSB University of California at Santa Barbara
UCSD University of California at San Diego
UEDS Unidata Experimental Data Service UCAR
UF Universal Format
UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicles
UH University of Hawaii
UHF ultra-high frequency 300-3,000 MHz
Uhuru   first orbiting X-ray satellite
UHV Use An Ultrahigh Vacuum
UI Unit of Issue
UIC Unit Identification Code
UICP Uniform Inventory Control Program
UID User Identification
UIL upper interval limit
UI/UM Price Unit of Issue/Unit of Measure Price
UK AEA United Kingdom Atmomic Energy Authority Culham Laboratory
UKAERE United Kingdom Atomic Energy Research Establishment
UKMO United Kingdom Meteorological Office
ULAFOS UCAR and Lower Atmospheric Facilities Oversight Section  
ULTRIX UNIX-based operating system for Digital Equipment Corporation Computers DEC's trade name for its version of Berkeley UNIX
UM University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan
UMass University of Massachusetts
UMC UCAR Managment Committee
UMF User Master File
UMIST University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology England
Umkehr reports reports on ozone
UMP Upper Mantle Project ICSU
UN United Nations
UNAM Universidad Autonoma de Mexico National Autonomous University of Mexico
UNAVCO University NAVSTAR [not an acronym] Consortium UCAR Office of Programs
UNCED United Nations Conference on Environment and Development
UNCHE or Unche United Nations Conference on the Human Environment June 1972 in Stockholm
UNCOQ Unaccompanied NonCommissioned Officers' Quarters
UND University of North Dakota
UNEP United Nations Environment Programme not "Environmental"
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
UNICOS Unix Cray operating system
Unidata UNIDATA Program Center
UNIDATA University Data Interactive Computing and Communications Systems they use initial capital only, program plan FY 88-92, also known as university data program, but UNIDATA doesn't stand for anything, and shouldn't be treated like an acronym and shouldn't spell out University Data Program
universe   the whole body of things and phenomena; in statistical terminology, synonymous with population.
University of L'Aquila Universita degli studi dell' Aquila
UNIX a computer operating system developed by AT&T and modified extensively by the University of California at Berkeley the Berkeley UNIX is one of the operating systems supported by the Unidata Program, part of UCAR
UNOLS University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System
UNU United Nations University
UOM upper-ocean model
UOP UCAR Office of Programs Became UCP, UCAR Community Programs, May 2009
UOQ Unaccompanied Officers' Quarters
UPC Unidata Program Center part of UCAR
Updraft   In aviation terminology (especially in connection with aircraft turbulence) a relatively small-scale current of air with marked vertical motion, that is, updraft or downdraft.
UPO UCAR Projects Office
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
UQAM Universite de Quebec a Montreal
URC University Relations Committee
URIP University Research Initiative Program ONR
URL Universal Resource Locter
URSI International Union of Radio Science
USA United States Army
USACE United State Army Corps of Engineers
USAF United States Air Force
USAFGL United States Air Force Geophysical Laboratory also called AFGL
USAN University Satellite Accessed Network NCAR, ATD uses University Satellite Network
USAP United States Antarctic Program
USARP United States Antarctic Research Program
USC-GARP United States Committee for GARP
USCG United States Coast Guard
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
USDC United States Department of Commerce
USDI United States Department of Interior
USERC United States Environmental and Resources Council to represent the United States at WERL
USFS United States Forest Service
USGCRP United States Global Change Research Program
USGS United States Geological Survey Department of the Interior
USIC UCAR Space Implementation Committee
U.S./JC United States/Japan Cooperation
USJGOFS United States Joint Global Ocean Flux Study
USN United States Navy
USPHS United States Public Health Service
USRA Universities Space Research Association
USSDM Unidata System for Scientific Data Management
USTAR UCAR Scientist's Technical Areas of Research
USWRP United States Weather Research Program
UT universal time
UT / LS Upper Troposphere/ Lower Stratosphere
UTC universal time coordinate or coordinated universal time  
UTC United Technology Center operating arm of UAC in Sunnyvale, California
UUI Uniform User Interface
UV ultraviolet or Ultra-Violet
UVDM ultraviolet double monochromator
UVSP ultra-violet spectrometer/polarimeter
UWGB University of Wisconsin at Green Bay
UWI Uniform Window Interface
UWIS University of Wisconsin at Green Bay GARP