Acronym List


Acronym Full name Comments
VAD velocity-azimuth display
VAFB Vandenberg Air Force Base California
VAI high positive vorticity
VAP Voluntary Assistance Program GARP
vapor pressure   The pressure exerted by the molecules of a given vapor.
VAS VISSR Atmospheric Sounder VISSR is Visible and Infrared Spin-Scan Radiometer, VAS is able to concentrate on region of interest and build up a coherent time-series of observations during fast-breaking mesoscale meteorological events
vBNS very high performance Backbone Network Service
VCO voltage-controlled oscillation
VELORT very long range tracking Radar system
VEMAP Vegetation and Ecosystem Modeling and Analysis Project
ventilation   In the equation for the time constant of a thermometer, a quantity equal to the product of wind speed and air density.
VENTS   NOAA research program on hydrothermal activity in the oceans
VF voice frequency 300-3,000 Hz
VG Visualization Group NCAR, SCD
VHF very high frequency 30-3,000 MHz
VHRR very high resolution radiometer ITOS
VHS Video-Home System
VIL vertical integrated liquid NWS
VIMHEX Venezuela International Meteorological and Hydrological Experiments I in 1970, II in 1972
VIP Versatile information processing TWERLE
VIRGS VISSR Image Registration and Gridding System VISSR is Visible-Infrared Spin Scan Radiometer
VISSR Visible and Infrared Spin-Scan Radiometer GOES
VIS-UV Visible/ultraviolet spectrometer
VISSR Visible and Infrared Spin-Scan Radiometer GOES, GARP
VISTA visual terrain analyzer
VLA Very Large Array antennas for radio astronomy
VLBI very long baseline interferometry
VLF very low frequency 3-30 KHz
VLSI Very Large Scale Interface
VM/CMS Virtual Machine/Conversational Monitor System
VM/SP Virtual Machine/System Product
VMS virtual memory systems Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) operating system
VNIRO Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography
VNTSC Volpe National Transportation Systems Center FAA
VOCs Volatile organic compounds
VOR VHF omnidirectional range
VOR Visual Omnirange
VORTAC very high frequency (omnirange) TACAN (tactical air navigation system)
VORTEX Verification of Tornadoes Experiment
VRMS or Vrms Volt root mean square
VRR visual radio range
VSM Vertical slab model see TDM, MLM, and DCM
VSP Visiting Scientist Programs UCAR
VSWR voltage standing-wave ratio
VTAM Virtual Telecommunications Access Method
VTD Velocity Track Display
VTPR Vertical Temperature Profile Radiometer GARP
VTR video tape recorder
VTVM vacuum tube voltmeter
VU Voice unit one VU = 4 KHz bandwidth assigned
VUG Visualization Users Group
VWS Vertical Wind Shear