Citation Management Tools

Citation Management Tools

Citation Management tools are software applications that enable you to create and preserve customized information of citation documentation and notes. They allow you to:

  • Import and organize citation data from research databases and other sources
  • Save PDFs, other documents and in some cases, images, audio and video files, and snapshots of web pages
  • Format citations for your papers and bibliographies using a variety of authoritative styles

The NCAR library staff is available to assist you in determining the appropriate citation management tool to support your research and scholarship needs. Check out our Comparison of Citation Management Tools summary to help with your decision. The following three citation management tools (in no particular order) are recommended and supported. Each of these applications will allow you to upload your current citations, preserve them and much more.

  1. Mendeley | About | How to transfer citations from RefWorks
  2. Zotero | About | How to transfer citations from RefWorks
  3. MyEndNoteWeb | About (log-in is required) | How to transfer citations from RefWorks

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Zotero is an open source 2.0 citation management tool to help you collect, organize, cite and search your research sources. It was developed by a team of librarians at the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. It is an extension of your Firefox web browser so you will need to have Firefox 3.0. If necessary you can download Firefox for free to your desktop or mobile device. Its latest feature, Zotero Anywhere includes a standalone component and plug-ins for Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

OnLine Tutorials

Zotero offers many online tutorials for various levels of usage competency.


The NCAR Library also recommends Mendeley, an open source citation management tool which organizes citations and bibliographies as well as offering social networking features to facilitate and support scientific discovery and research.

OnLine Tutorials

Mendeley offers many online tutorials for various levels of usage competency.


EndNoteWeb is a component of our subscription database - Web of Science - and serves as a citation management tool to collect references remotely as well as sharing with other colleagues. This tool provides an integrated solution for research and writing. Some of the features include:

  • Collecting and organizing references
  • Create formatted bibliographies
  • Search Web of Science and other databases and export references directly to EndNoteWeb

EndNoteWeb OnLine Tutorials

EndNoteWeb offers many online tutorials for various levels of usage competency.

The Chicago Manual of Style Online

New information on fair use and electronic rights as well as additional information on citing electronic sources has been included. An updated glossary includes more terms related to electronic publishing and changes to organizational formatting facilitating easier navigation. New to this edition is an introduction to Unicode; featuring identifiers and descriptions alongside special characters in areas pertaining to foreign languages and math to aid authors, editors, and publishers in the positive identification and proper implementation of these characters.