Find Library Materials

Technical reports authored at NCAR and elsewhere represent separate collections in each library. That is, they are shelved separately from books and other materials and have exclusive numerical call numbers (for example, 012273). These materials can be discovered using an advanced search in the NCAR Library catalog, selecting REPORT as the item type.

Some reports are available in the following sub-categories as digital documents through the OpenSky repository.

NCAR Technical Notes

  • The Technical Notes series provides an outlet for a variety of NCAR Manuscripts that contribute in specialized ways to the body of scientific knowledge but that are not suitable for journal, monograph, or book publication. Reports in this series are issued by the NCAR scientific divisions.

NCAR Annual Reports

  • NCAR has produced an online annual report on its research and outreach achievements since 1962. (Various name changes include: Annual Report NCAR Research and Facilities Programs, Annual Scientific Report (ASR), and NCAR Annual Report (NAR))

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