Bridging Data Lifecycles: Tracking Data Use Via Data Citations

Agenda Track

Thursday, April 5th

Registration/Check in (Coffee, tea, breakfast rolls)

Introduction – Mary Marlino, Director, NCAR Library

Welcome – Dr. Maura Hagan, NCAR Deputy Director

Data publication and citation – What are the big issues around data publication and citation? Why is this difficult? Are we thinking about this in the right way? What work is being done currently in this area?

Mark Parsons (NSIDC - National Snow and Ice Data Center)



Data citations and identifiers – What is the role of unique web identifiers? How do different identifiers compare? How should different identifiers be used across data life cycles?

Joan Starr (California Digital Library, EZID, DataCite)

Publisher perspective on data publication and citation

Bill Cook (American Geophysical Union)

 LUNCH (Buffet provided)

Data citation and identifier implementation issues – How can/should data citations and unique identifier schemes be implemented? How should a data citation initiative be organized within particular institutional settings? What challenges must be addressed in those settings? How are data citations created, managed, and linked within, and across, data life cycles?

Matt Mayernik (NCAR)
Mike Daniels (NCAR)
Gary Strand (NCAR)
Nicole Kaplan (CSU/LTER)
Mike Wright (NCAR) - Moderator


Data Curation Service Models – How do data citations fit within larger data curation services? How do data citations and identifiers fit within other metadata structures that are used for data management and curation?

Barbara Losoff (CU Library)
Ruth Duerr (NSIDC)
Lynn Yarmey (NSIDC)
Ted Habermann (NOAA)
Matt Mayernik (NCAR) - Moderator

RECEPTION (Light appetizers)

Friday, April 6

Check in (Coffee, tea, breakfast rolls)

Introduction – Mary Marlino, Director, NCAR Library

Exploring the Life Cycle, Citation and Integration of Geo-Data – Dr. Tim Killeen (Assistant Director NSF/GEO)


Tracking data use: Current practices – How do data archives/repositories currently track data use? How would data citations (with or without unique web identifiers) help to make tracking data use easier? Are their challenges related to tracking data use that data citations do not help to address?

Steve Worley (NCAR)
Dan Kowal (NOAA)
Leonard Sitongia (NCAR)
Matt Mayernik (NCAR) - Moderator

Closing  – "How to get started without solving every detailed problem"

Matt Mayernik (NCAR)