Research Analysis & Impact Services

The NSF NCAR Library supports the organization’s need for research analytics to show how we're growing and expanding our research to meet internal, academic, and broader community demand, and to help plan for the future.

By leveraging bibliometrics and other metrics of scholarly productivity and impact, we can effectively convey the intellectual significance and wider implications of NSF NCAR and UCAR/UCP research, thus demonstrating to stakeholders the influence and value of our scientific output and facilities.

Currently the Library supports the following metrics-related activities:

Service Description
Citation analysis Individual CVs for career events, hiring or other needs
Bibliometric analysis Lab/program level for annual reporting, engagement and outreach efforts or other uses
Impact analysis Analysis and development of impact collection for equipment, programs or other facilities
Special projects as needed If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help please fill out our Metrics Intake Form

The Library Metrics team is interested in learning more about how it can support researchers as well as Lab and Program administrators across NSF NCAR and UCAR/UCP. Please contact us at