Find Weather and Climate Data

Weather and Climate Data

Climate Data

  • CISL Research Data Archive
    The CISL Research Data Archive (RDA) contains a large and diverse collection of meteorological and oceanographic observations, operational and reanalysis model outputs, and remote sensing datasets to support atmospheric and geosciences research, along with ancillary datasets, such as topography/bathymetry, vegetation, and land use.
  • Community Data Portal
    The Community Data Portal (CDP) is a collection of earth science datasets from NCAR, UCAR, UOP, and participating organizations.
  • NCAR Climate Analysis Section Catalog
    The Climate Analysis Section (CAS) maintains a number of observational data sets and analyses from a variety of sources in support of modelling efforts and climate research.
  • NCAR Climate Data Guide
    The Climate Data Guide is an interactive website that enables researchers and students to identify and make effective use of climate data sets by providing a focal point for expert-user guidance, commentary, and questions on the strengths and limitations of selected observational datasets and their applicability to model evaluations.
  • NCAR GIS Climate Change Scenarios
    This portal is intended to serve a community of GIS users interested in climate change.

Local Colorado Weather

Local, national, and international weather

  • Weather Underground
    Find US and international current and historical data including temperature, humidity, air pressure, and wind speed.
    Find local and worldwide forecasts plus U.S. severe weather updates.
  • The Weather Channel
    Find weather data such as current conditions, five day forecasts, severe weather alerts and maps for national and international cities.
  • World Climate
    Find historical weather averages for cities around the world.
  • WeatherBase
    Find global weather averages for cities worldwide.
  • World Weather Information Service
    Find official weather observations, weather forecasts and climatological information for selected cities worldwide supplied by National Meteorological & Hydrological Services (NMHSs).