Survey 2018

2018 NCAR Library Survey

The NCAR Library conducted a survey in 2018. A summary of the survey's results can be found here: Library Survey 2018 Report (.pdf).


High Points

  • Overall satisfaction with the NCAR Library remains extraordinarily high; only 2% of the respondents reported dissatisfaction.
  • None of the respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the NCAR Library staff. 
  • Access to scientific e-journals is critical to the vast majority of respondents. 
  • 85% of scientists indicate that the partnership with CU Libraries has been beneficial to their daily work. 
  • Findability: 79% of respondents say that materials are easy to find, however, the survey provided numerous indicators that access to CU materials needs to be easier.
  • OpenSky is used for a variety of purposes, and the results indicate an opportunity for the library to re-examine the goals of OpenSky.
  • Opinions about library facilities are varied: people want access to a comfortable and flexible place to conduct research, as well as a technologically-adept place to collaborate.

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