Mission and Strategic Plan

Library Mission

Mesa Lab and Flatirons

The NCAR Library and Archives supports and collaborates in the scholarly work and educational activities of NCAR, UCAR, and UCP by providing services and systems that promote discovery, preserve knowledge, and improve scholarly communication. To meet this mission, we:

  • Provide and promote access to, and preservation of, collections that are required for research, for historical record, and for accountability
  • Provide and promote access to the scholarship and resources needed by the institution's staff to succeed (e.g. Catalogs, Journals, Books, Reports, Data, etc.)
  • Provide and promote comprehensive and timely services to our users in a seamless environment that allows them to accomplish their work accurately and efficiently
  • Provide metrics on institutional impact including scholarship (peer-reviewed and grey) and facilities use to aid decision making and reporting (NAR, etc.).

Strategic Plan

NCAR Mesa Laboratory: library - world globe and stairway

A world class facility deserves a world class library. We envision the NCAR Library as an integral component of our institutional mission and a recognized leader in the provision of atmospheric and Earth science resources and information services. View the full Library and Archives strategic plan.

The NCAR Library and Archives is part of Integrated Information Services (IIS), which supports the efforts of UCAR/NCAR/UCP to manage and provide access to its scholarship for the broader research and education community. View the full IIS Strategic Plan.